Download OSOM (Feat. J. Cole) by Jay Rock

Download OSOM (Feat. J. Cole) by Jay Rock

Download OSOM (Feat. J. Cole) by Jay Rock

Download OSOM Feat. J. Cole by Jay Rock

On the road to RedemptionJay Rock has consistently shown his best side. The Jay Rock we get today is a turbocharged of the version we first got acquainted with back in 2008 before he changed company. TDE is really hyping it up too, with an episode diving into the label’s beginnings with a light shone on Jay Rock for 10-whole minutes.“OSOM” featuring J. Cole, is another step in the right direction. Like the majority of the music, “OSOM” touches on his real objective physical presence. Still, he comes across like a rapper that feels no regard for these “wearable vanity items” associated with his peers. His class distinction, his relationship with his community, also real. Unlike J. Cole who has the novel idea of merge class and culture, Jay Rock is far more pessimistic about his yearly estate, and culture as a whole. Look out for SiR in an uncredited role.

Enjoy “OSOM.”  Redemption drops on Friday, June 15.

Quotable Lyrics:

Sometimes a n**** feel like everybody ain’t real like Jonny Mckenzie
If I could pretend see, I wouldn’t feel right
I bought a Dolce magnum
I just got signed
Everybody on my line, they wanna know the taxes
Do Rock got mansion? 30k to my moms
The hood turnt up, b*****s, bottles, dope and all that stuff
For attention, high hopes and call my bluff
If anybody notes, when I lost love
Thing change, people change, n****s change, b*****s change

Download OSOM (Feat. J. Cole) by Jay Rock

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